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Reiki: The art of Compassionate and Unconditional Healing

You want to know more about Reiki, and all that would be told to you will be guided through a Reiki Guide now. I leave myself open for Reiki guides to let them tell you what you need to.

Aloha is the Guide speaking to you now.

She says,
"We already know what we want to. You ask because you have the power to heal. You are mystified by this amazing power many times and you don't want to believe this ability.

Like the power you have is the power of Reiki. Reiki is nothing but the energy being, that makes you a channel, a guide, to travel to the required destination, disease, person, time, goal, relation, etc. Reiki is the higher dimension of pure loving, unconditional, positive energy, which travels trough subtle planes to denser planes, to heal completely, whether it is through time, space, past lives, relationships, vows, karmas anything.
In simple terms it is the energy which enters through your body chakras and is passed on through your hands to heal. So it can be said that it is hands on healing method. It can be sent by laying your hands on the body of a person, thing or desired goral or you can send it distantly just by intending it to be sent. Reiki is a bridge between you, your mind and your higher self. It connect you to higher planes and makes you get in touch with your astral and Reiki guides..

You need to be attuned by a master into Reiki to be a Reiki healer. Cleansing yourself is necessary when you intend to take up healing of others. It is so to clear the energy and flow of energy in your body. After attunement you might feel high on energy and might feel little strange also at times because the held up emotions ad the blocks are being released. So all the suppressed emotions like anger, laughter, joy, tears, happiness, love, guilt will come to surface and eventually healed. When I say Reiki heals completely, I mean that it heals on Mental, emotional, spiritual, Physical and Astral levels. It makes you become more compassionate being. Everyone you encounter, will be recognized each one as a being and a soul. You will be more pure in thoughts and actions. you will see yourself getting more connected to Earth and subtle energies. You will have a sea of positive energies around you and everything will be changed for betterment.


I think that is all to know. If you have more questions, they will be answered.
I now take the leave. Smile and shine. The day outside is bright, just as your soul is bright.


Well, that was guided by Aloha. I hope that you know what you needed to. If you have questions then you can ask me specifically and I will answer you.

With Love, light and Energy

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